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Job Site Tool Box Vault - 36"

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Iron Ox® Steel Site Tool Box 36"

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Elevate your on-site storage with the Iron Ox® 36" Steel Site Tool Box, designed to provide rapid access to your tools while ensuring maximum protection. This heavy-duty steel toolbox is engineered for durability and security, making it the ideal companion for professionals on the go.

Key Features Of Our Site Security Box:

  • Enhanced Security: Double lock placement for added protection against theft, ensuring your tools are safe from forced entry.
  • Weatherproof Design: Fully welded seams and a reinforced overlapping lid shield your tools from the elements.
  • Durable Construction: Made with tough industrial powder-coated anti-scratch paint, this toolbox is built to last.
  • Effortless Mobility: It features forklift mounts for easy transport without the need to empty the box, along with easy-lift handles and hydraulic lifting assist.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Includes drilling mounts to securely fix the toolbox to your van, enhancing security and stability.
  • Convenient Accessibility: A piano hinge and "stay up lid system" offer easy access to your tools without the hassle.
  • Robust Handles: Steel handles for reliable carrying and transportation.

Site Box Dimensions:

  • 910mm x 400mm x 465mm

Crafted for the demanding conditions of job sites, the Iron Ox® Steel Site Tool Box combines functionality with security. Its robust design not only withstands harsh weather but also deters theft, ensuring that your tools are accessible yet secure wherever your work may take you.

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What makes the Iron Ox® Steel Site Tool Box 36" ideal for on-site security? The Iron Ox® Steel Site Tool Box is designed with enhanced security features, including double lock placement and fully welded seams. These features provide superior protection against weather and forced entry, making it highly resistant to theft and ideal for keeping your tools secure on any job site.

Can the toolbox be easily transported to a job site? Absolutely. The toolbox includes forklift mounts, allowing for easy transportation without emptying it. Additionally, it features easy lift handles and a hydraulic lifting assist, making it convenient to move and access tools wherever you need them on the job site.

How does the "stay up lid system" improve tool access? The "stay-up lid system" is a design feature that ensures the lid remains open while accessing tools, providing hassle-free access to your equipment. This system, combined with the toolbox's piano hinge, offers easy and efficient access to your tools, enhancing your workflow and productivity.

Is the toolbox suitable for storing heavy-duty tools? Yes, the Iron Ox® Steel Site Tool Box 36" is built with strong steel construction and tough industrial powder-coated anti-scratch paint, making it capable of storing heavy-duty tools. Its robust design ensures that your tools are stored securely and protected from damage and wear.

How can the toolbox be secured to a vehicle? The toolbox features drilling mounts, allowing for a secure attachment to your van or any vehicle. This enhances the overall security of your tools, particularly when transporting them to and from job sites, by preventing theft and ensuring the toolbox remains stable during transit.

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